Eclipse Irons

Iron Specifications

Hand: Right Hand Only

Loft:4 through SW – set only

Shaft: Steel or Graphite

Grip: Standard or Mid-Size

Flex: Ladies - Men's Senior
Men's Regular - Men's Stiff

Price: $399.99 - Steel
$499.99 - Graphite

Eclipse Irons

Irons Designed to Make a Difference

The USGA recently changed the rules for iron grooves. We at Razor Golf, have the latest in technology that is 100% USGA conforming. The gold color of the irons is produced by Titanium Nitride, “TiN”, (using a patented Physical Vapor Deposition process - see PVD tech link below). You can actually feel our advancements in club engineering with these incredible ECLIPSE Irons. The ball will fly higher, farther and straighter with our, perfect "Heel - Toe Weighting" technology. Our new Eclipse Irons will help eliminate that pesky slice as we stabilized the face by redistributing the weight and strategically placing it in the heel and toe for more forgiveness. Engineering – It is how you win both golf matches and awards. GO FOR THE GOLD, “Play the Edge”.  See the technical specifications of the PVD and Titanium Nitride process - HERE


The partners used to tease you about your left – right military golf game and in all honesty, there was not much you could do about it, the ball seemed to have a mind of its own . . . until. Yes, until you played your first round with the new USGA conforming Razor Golf Eclipse Irons. Now you are the straight man and your playing partners provide the comedy. Playing golf in the fairway, what a concept, who wants to play another round?

Putting Performance back into Golf . . . Play the Edge, Play Razor Golf. Link to PVD Process - HERE

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