Mutation Hybrid - 27° Only

Hybrid Specifications

Hand: Right Hand Only

Loft:27° Only

Shaft: Steel or Graphite

Grip: Standard or Mid-Size

Flex: Ladies - Men's Senior
Men's Regular - Men's Stiff

Price: $119.99 - Steel
$129.99 - Graphite

Mutation Hybrid 27° Only

Voted: "Best New Product" at the International Network of Golf

Attractive at setup with its blue-on-silver design, the “MUTATION” features a crown that slopes down and away, moving the center of gravity farther away from the face. The “MUTATION” will add a few more yards and much needed height to the shots you used to hit with a long iron. Take a few swings and you'll be a believer. The “MUTATION” is available in lofts of, 27 degrees only. If you are looking for the ultimate in distance, control and forgiveness, then the “MUTATION” is for you.

This used to be the shot you hated, edge of the rough, first cut, long-iron. You pull out the new award-winning Razor Golf Hybrid knowing the low center of gravity will blow through the short cut with plenty of back-spin and control. You give a little waggle just in case your partner is watching and draw the ball to check up eight feet from the pin. “Nice shot.” your playing partner murmurs, knowing full well he just went another shot down. You resist the temptation to ask him what he said, and just say, “Thanks, these new Razor Golf Hybrids are great.” . . . and pull out your putter, but you do add, “Want me to get your wedge?”

Putting Performance back into Golf . . . Play the Edge, Play Razor Golf.

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