The Eclipse Driver

Driver Specifications

Hand:Right Hand ONLY

Loft: 9.5° or 10.5°

Shaft: Steel or Graphite

Grip: Standard or Mid-Size

Flex: Ladies - Men's Senior
Men's Regular - Men's Stiff

Price: $379.99 - Head Cover Included

The Eclipse Driver

Simply the Best Driver We Have Ever Produced

The ECLIPSE driver is the straightest and longest driver allowed by the USGA. With a forged titanium face and body and coated with Titanium Nitride, “TiN” (using a patented Physical Vapor Deposition process - see PVD tech link below), for extra hardness and ultimate distance and control. Perfect for the golfer that wants a clean, streamlined look on the tee. If you are looking for the ultimate in distance and incredible forgiveness all wrapped in a 460cc driver, the ECLIPSE is the driver for you. GO FOR THE GOLD, “Play the Edge”.   See the technical specifications of the PVD and Titanium Nitride process - HERE

ECLIPSE DRIVERS - CONFORMS WITH USGA RULES. See 9.5 Driver Approval Here - See 10.5 Driver Approval Here

“Come ‘on Alice, step up to the big boy tees and pull out your Driver – you’ve got honors on the first tee.” taunts the big mouth in your regular foursome. Calmly you unveil your new Gold Eclipse Driver, virtually the Gold Standard of drivers and stripe one right down the middle. An all-knowing smirk crosses your face as you step back and let the others follow. You just ‘Nicked’ the regular game crew with a Razor . . . they will have to get used to it. The Bling is back in golf!

Putting Performance back into Golf . . . Play the Edge, Play Razor Golf. See PVD Tech Link - HERE

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