Razor Golf Wins Awards

Award Specifications

2003 - Best of the Best

Tour 2000 Irons

International Network of Golf
2008 - Best New Product

Carnivore! Mutation Driver

International Network of Golf
2010 - Best New Product

Carnivore! Mutation Iron Line


Awards are wonderful things to collect, not only to honor all the staff that put in the incredible efforts required to win them, but to validate our product in the open market place against the biggest names in the industry. Each year we strive to make the very best clubs that technology and engineering can produce – so when independent club raters, the media and golfers rate us as the BEST . . . it makes all of us proud.

Here is the best award of all . . . a direct quote from a customer eMail - " Went to the driving range last night.  I can"t hit my 4 and 5 irons without slicing.  Now, with this hybrid club i hit the most perfect slightly accentuating draw shot each and every time.  Nice product and great feel when you make contact.  All a fella can say sometimes is ........Amazing!!!   I feel like I am a new man."

Let's just say we here at Razor Golf, not only appreciate the comments, but we feel the same.

Breaking News - RAZOR GOLF DUO WINS !! The two principal owners of Razor Golf, Michael VanDiver and George Baker have teamed up to win yet another award . . . This time on the golf course (using Razor Golf Clubs of course).  The duo will represent the United States in Scotland at the International Pairs World Finals October 16-18. Simply put, Award Winning Clubs will produce Award Winning Play! Good luck to Michael and George - the entire story about the win and the International Pairs competition is available - HERE

Play the Edge – Play Razor Golf.

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